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This is the one hundred and twenty-ninth in a series of weekly reports on news from the world of Epicurean Philosophy.  At the Epicurean Philosophy Group we are dedicated to the study and productive discussion of Epicurean Philosophy and its application to daily life.  Our goal is also, in the words of Lucian, to “strike a blow for Epicurus – that great man whose holiness and divinity of nature were not shams, who alone had and imparted true insight into the good, and who brought deliverance to all that consorted with him!

The History of Remembering Epicurus on “the Twentieth” 

This past week contained the twentieth of October, and one of our Facebook Group readers asked about the reasons for posting “Happy Twentieth.  This is a question we receive often, so rather than simply list the link in this newsletter, let’s cite the references, starting with the main one from the will of Epicurus:

“And from the revenues made over by me to Amynomachus and Timocrates let them to the best of their power in consultation with Hermarchus make separate provision for the funeral offerings to my father, mother, and brothers, and for the customary celebration of my birthday on the tenth day of Gamelion in each year, and for the meeting of all my School held every month on the twentieth day to commemorate Metrodorus and myself according to the rules now in force. Let them also join in celebrating the day in Poseideon which commemorates my brothers, and likewise the day in Metageitnion which commemorates Polyaenus, as I have done previously.”


Norman DeWitt described the history this way in Epicurus and His Philosophy, Chapter 2:

“At any rate, in the dispositions made long afterward in his will for the perpetuation of his own memory, the date was fixed, not for the anniversary day of his birth, which fell on the seventh, but at the twentieth, the day that marked the final initiations at Eleusis. The twentieth was also sacred to Apollo, which gave it an additional sanctity. Such notoriety eventually attached itself to these monthly memorial gatherings that Epicureans were dubbed “Twentyers” by way of derision.”

Further, there is record in the poetry of the Epicurean Philodemus that documents the tradition:

Tomorrow, dearest Piso, your cultured companion drags you

To his humble shack at three o’clock

To feed you your annual dinner on the Twentieth. If you’ll miss

Sow’s udders and Bromius’ Chian wine,

Still you’ll see your faithful companions and hear

Things far more sweet than the Phaeacians’ land.

And if you ever turn your gaze on us too, Piso,

We’ll have a richer Twentieth, instead of a humble one.


In addition to the “happy twentieth” greetings you see in the Epicurean Philosophy Facebook group, Hiram Crespo has written an excellent article on how modern Epicureans might continue the tradition.



Also From the Facebook Group this week:

On 10/17 Alexander R. linked to an article on decision-making and quantum theory.

On 10/18, I posted about Cicero’s Tusculun Disputations, where Cicero had one of his character say a line to the effect that: “he would prefer to agree with Plato and be wrong than to agree with certain philosophers and be right.”  Norman DeWitt construes the philososphers referred to as Epicureans, but the line doesn’t specifically refer to Epicurus, so the context has to be taken into account.  The closest school referred to just before the particular reference is Pythagorean, but the context makes pretty clear that Plato was agreeing with the Pythagoreans that the soul survives death, so the Pythagoreans aren’t the ones being contrasted to Plato. The entire thrust of passages before this, however, is an argument against those who assert that the soul perishes at death, so (and/or maybe Democritus) seems to be the leading candidate for that position.’

Also on 10/18, Victor H. linked to an interesting article on the Hippocratic Oath.

On 10/20 Steve K posted about the “Epicurean Manifesto.”

Also on 10/20 we had the complete exchange with George M. about the Twentieth.

Hiram Crespo’s “The Epicurean Revival” was posted about this time last year, and relinked this past week in our group.

And finally on 10/20, George M.’s post led to a post about the “weak and beggarly elements.”

On 10/23 Uwe F. linked to an article on Lucretius and his persuasive abilities.

Rounding out the week, Ilkka V. posted a new article to the Menoeceus blog, this one on the important topic of definitions in philosophical discussions.


Recent significant posts at


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