Welcome to the world of Epicurus on the internet!  Click below for links, or click through for our blog or for news about “the master-builder of human happiness.”  A discussion form dedicated to the friendly and supportive discussion of Epicurean Philosophy.
NewEpicurean:  A research blog dedicated to introducing new students to Epicurean Philosophy
Society of Epicurus: Home page of the International Society of Epicurus
Epicurean Philosophy Facebook Discussion:  The most active Facebook Discussion Group for Epicurean Philosophy
Menoeceus Blog:  An Epicurean blog based in Finland Dimitriadis’ recent book: “Epicurus and the Pleasant Life – Living By The Philosophy of Nature.” Wiki:  The wiki set up as part of the project.  A site dedicated to organized presentation and easy access to core Epicurean Documents
selection_360  A site dedicated to organizing key Epicurean documents and articles The Friends of Epicurean Philosophy, Thessaloniki, Greece The Friends of Epicurean Philosophy, Athens, Greece
Screenshot - 12_29_2013 , 9_18_40 AM (formerly One of the most complete sources of information on Epicurus on the internet. One of the oldest and best sources for key Epicurean texts.
Diogenes of Oinoanda:  The best site for the English translation and information about the Inscription of Diogenes of Oinoanda.
Outline of Epicurean Philosophy:  A single page collapsible outline of key aspects of Epicurean philosophy.
Epicurean Philosophy v Stoicism:  A chart with citations listing the core areas of dispute between Stoic and Epicurean philosophers.
ElementalEpicLOGO  A site dedicated to organized presentation and easy access to core Epicurean Documents
 CatiusCatLogo  An original poem based on Epicurean philosophy.






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